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5 aspects of Health and Safety your company needs to address

Health and safety is undoubtedly a very important aspect of any business. That is insuring a safe place for your employees and keeping accidents to a minimum. There is also the impression from some quarters that health and safety training tends to get pushed to the back of the queue as seemingly more critical issues arise that require immediate attention. Health and safety needs to be considered and kept up to date by law in this country. Here are 5 elements of health and safety that should always feature on your plans.

Time Management:

Its all well and good having excellent procedures in place but, unless you allow the correct period of time for your workers to carry out the procedures and ensure their safety, what use are they. We advise companies to allow a specified amount of time to ensure that their work place is safe and the necessary precautions have been taken prior to commencement of work.

Driving Procedures:

If you have a workforce that needs to drive to carry out their work, it is crucially important that they have the necessary documents and they have everything up to date and are legally allowed to drive. It is up to the company that they periodically check their employees vehicle to ensure that tax, insurance and NCT among other things are up to date. If not, accidents may result in fines or penalties for the employer.

Working at Height:

Most Accidents in the UK and Ireland still come down to falling from heights or accidents related to working at height. The sad thing about this is that most accidents are avoidable ant the employers is entitled by law to provide a safe place to work. This includes providing the necessary training and risk management to ensure that the risks are kept to a minimum. Complacency is the biggest killer of all when working at height.

Manual Handling:

Manual handling causes many back problems which often cant be fixed. Its important to always use your knees and avoid sharp twists and turns. Back problems can limit your professional and social life permanently and with irreversible consequences. Proper manual handling training is essential.

slips and falls:

Many many accidents end up in front of the injuries board every year because of slips and falls. While it is your employers responsibility to provide a safe workplace it is also the responsibility of the employee to be aware of their surroundings, level changes, poor lighting etc.

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