MEWP Training

MEWP Training in Dublin

When it comes to MEWP Training in Dublin, Global Training Solutions are among the best in the industry. Global offer forklift training in Dublin for all makes and models of forklifts. As well as offering all makes and models of Forklift, Global also offer forklift training for all levels of experience from complete beginners to refresher courses and courses that make compliance with the law easy and accessible.

Risk Mitigation On MEWP Training

MEWP training allows great operational excellence across a wide array of business and industries. While MEWP increases effectiveness it also comes with inherent risks. Effective education allows you to reduce these risks substantially. The risks involved include the follow:

Working At Height:

Working at height always comes with risks. precautions need to be taken when you work at height. Proper preparation done in the right way, allows the employee to substantially reduce the risks involved.

Confined Overhead Spaces:

Oftentimes MEWP are used to get to the very top of roofs and buildings and sometimes the cherry picker will get as close as possible to the roof without crushing the operator. Proper communication and proper preparation can mitigate these risks.

Falling Objects:

I saw a comedy movie recently where a hammer fell off a roof and smashed and actor in the head, killing him. It may have been a comedy movie but these risks are all to real when it comes to construction and working at heights. Again proper preparation and planning coupled with situational awareness is the key to reducing these inherent risks.

Globals Approach

Here at Global Training Solutions we believe in learning through application. After going through the necessary paper work, legalities and learning, we get you straight into physical practice. They say that repetition is the father of learning. We believe this to be true. That’s why a huge amount of our course will involve repetition and practice.

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