Manual Handling Course Blanchardstown

Surge In Popularity For Manual Handling Training In Dublin 15

In recent months we have seen a great demand for Manual Handling Courses in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. This has occurred partly due to the mini boom in the construction market but also because of the growth of Global Training Solutions in the area.
Global Training Solutions are market leaders in Manual Handling Training and have been operating and growing consistently since the start of the year. Positive reviews of the training and word of mouth have helped the demand to increase organically. Also The use of Adwords campaigns has really pushed the demand to new levels which haven’t been seen before.

To cope with this heightened demand, Global Training Solutions have taken on new staff who are all highly trained experts in the area. The work being done by these people is helping manual and office workers to stay healthy and to protect their backs as they make a living. Global have now started to run manual handling three days a week to fit everybody in. Any body looking for manual handling training on the north side of Dublin are eligible to train at the company where everybody wants to be. With training set up around practical experience and the best content its not hard to see why this takeover has occurred.

Global have developed a name for flexibility also. They offer all types of health and safety training at your place or at their state of the art facility in Blanchardstown.

While Global continue to push up the ranks and take out all comers, the emphases remains on giving each student the absolute best training available. Browse the website to see all the other training and consulting services offered by this growing behemoth.

If you would like to get in touch, simply fill out any of the contact forms or give us a call to discuss your options. Stay safe and happy training.