Forklift Training Dublin

Forklift Training In Dublin: A 2017 Guide

Happy New Year to all Of our customers from everyone here at Global Training Solutions!

With the construction industry back in full swing here in Ireland, the health and safety training market has also seen an increase in demand. With construction comes the need for skilled labor. Global Training Solutions aim to plug this gap in the market by providing first class training solutions at a competitive price in a quality setting.

The Forklift Training Dublin Market is striving currently as forklifts are put to use in the growing number of factories and warehouses as well as the growing number of construction projects that are popping up in Dublin and around the country. When choosing a forklift training company it is imperative that you take their track record into consideration and look at the reviews these companies have got as well as how flexible and accommodating they can be to your company.

Global Training Solutions Caters to all type of Forklift training and to all experience levels. We welcome beginners as well as advanced users who are interested in doing refresher course with us at Global Training Solutions. We offer reach forklift training, pivot steer training, counterbalance forklift training as well as moffett mounty and MEWP and pivot steer.

Global will be as accommodating as possible to any request and will to schedule your training in the same week as you make contact. We carry out training at our state of the art facility in Blanchardstown Dublin 15. We can get you certified in the forklift training that you require in one day and for a competitive rate. Call Today to see how Global can assist you in all your health and safety training needs.

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