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"Global Training Solutions are a training company created by industry professionals, with a passion for safety training and consultancy. We care about health and safety in the workplace."

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Safety Statements

Every employer has a duty to ensure the safety of the workplace for it's employees. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2005, employers must provide the following safety features to everyone who works at their premises:

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in compensation payments if and when an employee has an accident in the work place. The HSA (Health and Safety Authority) has began rigorously enforcing these regualtions and has been fining and penalising businesses throughout the country who are not compliant with Health & Safety Requirements.

Why Choose Global Training Solutions?

Global Training Solutions take the hassle out of becoming HSA compliant by doing all the hard work for you. When you choose to engage with us, a fully qualified, experienced consultant will visit you at your place of business and review your operations. Our job will then be to identify and expose all risks and potential hazards that your staff may be subjected to while working for your company. We will develop all corresponding risk assessments and prepare a fully compliant and extensive Safety Statement to meet your company's needs.

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